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Apr 27, 2014 3:05pm EDT
. you'll get the majority passing laws to oppress, using some reach laws, like in russia. >> speech laws were used in the ragtag nazi band, headed by someone named frank:, two march in skokie, illinois. the marshaling effect never occurred, for other reasons, but if it had it would have because of the strong first amendment opinion written by a judge who practiced what i call the rhetoric of regret. he kept saying -- this is awful, i hate it, it is going to do a lot of harm. i regret the fact that we have to allow these horrible things that happened, but there is the first amendment. always get this when i speak at universities and i agree when it comes to -- does someone who is espousing measuret denial views up to economic standards? of course not. that is force malarkey. but that is one of the reasons why, i think, when you pass laws that ban it you are actually going to encourage it. listen, someone had to say that they believe the holocaust didn't happen, prove it. defend that position. i can't? >> but they can, have you ever gone on a website? they defend it in 300 400 page volumes
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1